Monday, 13 January 2014

Music just the establishments way of control

Music has lost all sense of meaning and inspiration it seems now... I can no longer turn on the radio and enjoy music now EVERY SINGLE TIME (no hyperbole used here) I turn on the music it is filled with some pop music that just makes me want to smash up the radio and throw it out of the car window... Honestly I am quite sick of all this superficial garbage now being promoted that has no meaning except for promotion and advertising immoral ideals.... The establishment must be destroyed and to do that you must inspire people and to make people think for themselves as at the moment people are just all sheep copying the latest trends set up by the establishment!!!

Oh yeah never gonna make money

 I am really starting to struggle setting up my online businesses and not because of lack of trying on my part.. mainly because huge businesses are wiping out everything even indirect competition.

Making money is super hard now online thanks mostly to the super big monopoly website that rule the internet I am rather disgusted and annoyed by the fact that the government is not doing a SINGLE THING to help out small businesses online even though this is where commerce is going.... the government here in the UK are the conservative who are just rich plutocrats anyway and who do not care one bit for the average uk citizen and it is making me sick as that is why these huge TNC's can rule and nobody and i mean nobody can compete with them... eventually we will all be slaves to this greedy swines.