Friday, 7 January 2011

Reality is NOW

Writing and drawing. Both tell a story. My story of life as I know it. The time is  always now. I don't want to see my past and don't know how to plan for a future that may not come. I live for now. Reality is NOW.

My dreams are different and go everywhere from past to future. Dreaming is  scary most times and out of control. I don't like to sleep because of dreams or worse yet the no dreams just emotions of sadness.Waking in tears not knowing why.

Daydreams are great and can be controlled.I love to day dream  in them I am a hero and always happy. Running and climbing trees or playing with wild animals. Big bears and tiny insects all are my friends. We can talk through telepathy. And so I can do what i want without being told NO...

So for now I live through my paintings and writings. My world is so big with the internet and full of nice people to talk with :) I learn a lot more online than offline... I am more comfortable online and not so shy or suspicious of all people.

Even a desert has life ♥

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